Former professional rugby player turned coach and creator. I spent 7 years playing professional rugby before retiring in the summer of 2016 to pursue a bigger passion. Three months later I launched Go Beyond.

Rugby taught me many things. It took me to incredible places and introduced me to some magnificent people. I was fortunate to play Premiership and European rugby. To travel the world with England 7’s for four years. To play in a World Cup Final and to represent Team England at The Commonwealth Games in 2014. However once I successfully became part of a shortlist of players to be relegated with two different Premiership cubs I decided to move on!

My career, although seemingly successful, always left me feeling a little unfulfilled. I am a huge believer in the saying “success without fulfilment is the biggest failure of all”. That saying explains my decision to change paths and my decision to launch Go Beyond.


“To educate, entertain and encourage others to pursue a healthy, happy and more optimal lifestyle”

The health world is one worm hole after another. It’s growth has come with the accessibility of healthier foods but also the influx of people seeking to take advantage of the situation and to sabotage.

My aim is to keep things simple. To always be honest. To create a community where pursuing the health that you want is made easy. To always seek to help, and maybe to take down those who are corrupting the world of health, one blog post, one video and one podcast at a time!